Sunday, September 6, 2015

Flambe in Armagnac-Jean Pierre Alaux, Noel Balen, and Sally Pane

Flamb√© in Armagnac 

In the heart of Gascony, a fire ravages the warehouse of one of Armagnac s top estates, killing the master distiller. Wine expert Benjamin Cooker is called in to estimate the value of the losses. But Cooker and his assistant Virgile want to know more. Did the old alembic explode? Was it really an accident? Why is the estate owner Baron de Castayrac penniless? How legal are his dealings?"

I started this book several books in. I thought that they may be hard to get into because I hadn't read the first several in the series. That is not the case at all. This is a great series that is very well written. It has great characters, the local is amazing and the story is fantastic. 

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